Aero Drive-Wheel

650c, Aero Carbon Drive-Wheel

  • Aero carbon drivewheel uses a 50mm deep rim to maximize aerodynamics.   

  • Available in both TUBULAR and CLINCHER configurations.

  • Each wheel is handbuilt with matched spoke tensions using a tensionmeter.  

  • The brake track is typically the "Achilles Heel" of a carbon rim due to heat build up (why carbon rims initially had aluminum brake tracks).  This is especially a concern with handcycles due to all the braking energy being absorb by one rim (rather than two on a bicycle).  Although more expensive, in order to guard against rim failure, during rim construction, C7 Concepts uses the highest temperature resin available.

  • Built with high quality Sapium or Pillar spokes and self-locking alloy nipples

  • The production version is pictured with the C7 SL hub, but is available in a variety of hub and spoke configurations. 


"Vaypor" Ultra Light Drive-Wheel

Lightest 650c wheel available!

  • C7 Concepts, 650c, 24mm deep, "Vaypor" drivewheel is the lightest 650c wheel available in the world.
  • Available in CLINCHER or TUBULAR rim
  • When configured with a tubular rim, ExtraLite Hub, and Sapium Super Spokes; a complete wheel can weigh as little as 455g...Yes, lighter than a single, rear 20" wheel. 

  • The Vaypor wheel shares all of the same construction characteristics listed above for the aero drive-wheel

  • The production version is pictured with C7 SL-SP hub


Rear Wheels

650c, Rear wheels

  • 650c Rear wheels are available with either rim shown above (Aero, 50mm deep rim or the Vaypor, 24mm deep rim).  

  • Available in TUBULAR or CLINCHER 

  • Assembled using C7 Concepts TT-SL hub.  Available with Slip-Fit Axle or 1/2" threaded titanium axle